Step One

You must submit your application for admission and supporting materials by the priority deadline to receive full consideration for the term in which you want to begin attending IU Fort Wayne.

  • For fall semester: August 1 (February 15 for admission-based scholarship eligibility)
  • For spring semester: December 15 (December 1 for admission-based scholarship eligibility)

To be eligible to apply for admission to IU Fort Wayne, you must either earn a diploma from an accredited high school or pass a high school equivalency exam such as the GED test, the TASC test, or the HiSet exam.

If you are homeschooled or attend an alternative school, you must provide credentials that show equivalent levels of achievement and ability.

Beginning with 2021 terms, IU Fort Wayne is test-optional. This means you'll be able to decide whether or not to have the SAT or ACT reviewed as part of your admission. Learn more about test-optional admission at IU Fort Wayne.

Decision-making factors

When we review your application, we look at:

  • Your high school courses and the grades you received in them. If you attend high school in Indiana, you are expected to earn a Core 40 diploma and are encouraged to earn a Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma. If you attend high school in another state, you are expected to complete a high school curriculum equivalent to Indiana’s Core 40. On average, incoming freshmen admitted to IU Fort Wayne have a 3.25 grade point average. Your minimum GPA required depends on if you apply with or without test scores. Learn more about these requirements along with other information regarding test-optional admission.
  • Your SAT and/or ACT score(s). If you choose to submit test scores for admission, we take the SAT or the ACT at IU Fort Wayne.  IU Fort Wayne does superscore, meaning we'll take the highest components from each time you take the exam and review your highest combined results.

High school seniors who are near graduation may be eligible for automatic scholarships from IU Fort Wayne. Each year, we award a variety of admission-based scholarships to students based on their academic achievement. To be considered, apply to IU Fort Wayne by February 15 for the Fall semester and December 15 for the Spring Semester. 

You can also look for additional scholarship opportunities within your community and at your high school.

IU Fort Wayne is now Test Optional.

IU Fort Wayne has adopted a policy that allows incoming freshmen to have their application reviewed with, or without, the SAT or ACT component as a factor in their admissions decision. Admission to IU Fort Wayne is still selective, and regardless of the application path you take, your application will be reviewed holistically. This allows you to identify the materials you want to submit that best show your potential and tell the story of what you are capable of.

If you choose to have test scores included in our admission decision, we’ll only consider official test scores sent directly from the testing agencies. When you take each test, you’ll be asked to list the universities where you want your scores sent. Use the codes listed below to have your official scores sent to IU Fort Wayne.

  • Our SAT code is 6907.
  • Our ACT code is 1764.

Before you apply, make sure you spend some time exploring our different health science majors.

When you fill out your application, you’ll be asked to choose an intended major. If you know what you’d like to major in, select that major.

You must submit these materials to apply to IU Fort Wayne:

  • The undergraduate admissions application.
  • A nonrefundable application fee. You can pay the $65 fee with a credit card or eCheck when you submit your application. Fee waivers are available for applicants who demonstrate financial need.
  • Your SAT and/or ACT scores. If you are applying with SAT or ACT scores, you will need to have your scores set to us. Alternatively, you can apply with self-reported scores; however, official scores will need to be sent prior to your enrollment at IU Fort Wayne. For more details, see the "Have your test scores sent to IU Fort Wayne" in step two.
  • Your official high school transcript. You must ask your high school to send your transcript directly to IU Fort Wayne.
  • Official transcripts from any dual-credit or college courses you’re taking in high school. You must ask the institution(s) offering those courses to send your transcript directly to IU Fort Wayne.
Homeschooled applicants

If you’re a homeschooled student, you can have a transcript service send an official transcript, or you can have your educator provide one. Transcripts provided by homeschool educators must:

  • Itemize each course with the grade earned by academic year. If a course’s title does not clearly identify the subject content, please include a brief description of the course
  • Include a grade point average
  • Indicate when the student will complete all required courses

Policy on returning transcripts

All materials submitted in support of an IU Fort Wayne application become the property of Indiana University and are not returnable, forwarded, copied, or released to the student or to third parties. Students with education outside of the US are advised to bring additional copies of their official educational documents in envelopes signed, sealed and stamped by the issuing institution should they have need of their official educational documents.