Military & Veteran Applicants

Serving those who served

IU Fort Wayne is committed to providing support to the academic success of our students who are veterans or currently serve in the US military. Whether you are new to IU Fort Wayne or a current student, it's our job to help you navigate and persist as a member of our community in any way that we are able. 

Veteran and military benefits

IU Fort  Wayne is currently in the process of obtaining approval for the GI Bill and Federal Tuition Assistance. If you have concerns or questions about this process, please contact us at

Applying for admission

With the exception of providing any military transcripts, veterans and active members of the US military apply for admission to IU Fort Wayne using the same process as civilian students. Choose from the list to learn more about your steps.

  • Incoming freshman—you’re currently still in high school or have not earned college credit since graduating from high school
  • Transfer student—you’re coming from another four-year university or a community college
  • Returning adult student—you’re returning to college as an adult to complete your bachelor’s degree

Apply now

Request your application fee waiver

As part of our commitment to the military community, IU Fort Wayne waives all application fees for applicants who are veterans or currently serve in the US Armed Forces. You can request your application fee waiver code by completing fee waiver request form. You'll then receive your waiver code via email!