Purpose & Outcomes

How will this change/help campus?

The Presidents and Boards of Trustees for both universities believe that the realigned structure is in the best interests of each university and presents a clear, specific path toward improving the delivery of teaching and research services in northeast Indiana. This will allow both IU and Purdue to fully focus on each institution’s strengths and respective educational contributions. Purdue will conduct an immediate analysis of potential new programs in both STEM disciplines and the humanities that will attract new students and position the campus for a strong and successful future. The plan is designed to create a seamless experience for both IU and Purdue students on campus through course availability, the delivery of student services, and the use of campus facilities.

What will happen to the IU programs on campus?

Any programs designated as IU mission areas under the current management agreement that will not become part of the IU health sciences-focused initiative will be transferred to Purdue.

What will happen to the Purdue programs going to IU?

The Purdue programs that fall under the field of health sciences (nursing, dental education, radiography) will be transferred to IU.

Will the IU programs leave campus? How will this work for students?

Both universities will be located on the current Fort Wayne campus and will share building space. Under the ancillary agreements contemplated by the realignment plan, Purdue will offer and deliver, and IU will procure and pay Purdue for, various services to IU, including but not limited to general education classes; office, lab, classroom, and other physical space; and administrative services needed for usage of such space.