Student Impact

How will the realignment affect students?

Beginning with the fall 2018 semester, new students will be admitted into the separate IU and Purdue academic programs and all tuition and financial aid will be assessed by the respective universities. Degree-seeking students who are currently enrolled will have until June 30, 2021, to complete their degree, which will be conferred by the institution in which they are currently enrolled.

All students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor to ensure successful completion of their degree of choice.

What’s the impact on student success?

The university stands by its commitment to student success and will work diligently to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all current and future students. The university will continue to provide support to students to help ensure their academic success in their chosen course of study.

What will happen to my degree program?

The health sciences programs of nursing, dental education, radiography and social work will be Indiana University degree programs. All other degree programs will be transferred to Purdue University. However, degree-seeking students currently enrolled will have until June 30, 2021 to complete their degree and have it conferred by the institution in which they are currently enrolled.

I’m admitted for fall 2017. How does this affect me?

Freshmen admitted for Fall 2017 to Indiana University’s pre-professional program (pre-nursing and pre-dental education) as IPFW students will apply to the applicable IU schools to enter as sophomores. Students admitted into the professional programs as sophomores in the Fall 2017 will complete their degree and have it conferred by the institution in which they are currently enrolled. For example, if you are admitted into the IPFW nursing program as a sophomore in 2017, you will receive a Purdue degree.

If I’m pursuing any of the health sciences programs, will I be required to take classes at IUPUI?

No. Programs in dentistry, medical imaging, medicine, nursing, and social work will be offered at Fort Wayne and students admitted to these programs will attend classes and clinical education in Fort Wayne. While IUPUI, an IU-managed core campus, will administratively coordinate and oversee all Fort Wayne programs, students will NOT be expected to travel to Indianapolis to attend classes at IUPUI.

I have questions about IU’s health sciences programs. Who can help me?

For nursing advisors, please contact one of the following:

For medical imaging, dental assisting, dental hygiene, dental lab technology advisors, please contact one of the following:

For a social work advisor, please contact:

For general dental education information, please contact:

For general medical imaging and radiologic sciences information, please contact:

What about music?

The highly regarded Department of Music, which is neither affiliated with Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music nor Purdue University, will become part of Purdue as part of the realignment. Both parent institutions are confident that the department’s high quality and strong reputation have positioned it well for continued success under any outcome the parties may have pursued.

Will students currently majoring in the affected departments be able to complete their degrees?

Yes. All degree-seeking students with declared majors and minors in the affected departments will be able to complete their degrees.

Will IU offer any online degree programs?

Yes. The IU School of Nursing offers its RN to BSN Degree Completion Option. Since the program is a collaboration of all School of Nursing campuses statewide, courses are taught by faculty from each of IU’s campuses, which will give you the opportunity to connect with exceptional faculty experts statewide. You can simply connect with web-based and video technologies to be a successful student. Because the nursing courses are distance accessible, you need only come to campus for advising and graduation. Additionally, you will be able to fulfill any clinical requirements right where you are.

In addition, the IU School of Social Work offers the MSW Direct program with a concentration in Clinical and Community Practice and a practice area in Advanced Generalist practice for both full- and part-time students. The MSW Direct program offers elective courses in eSocial Work and Telebehavioral Health Practice, Military Social Work and other exciting electives. Since all courses (excluding agency based practicum experiences) are 100 percent online, you'll need a camera and microphone equipped devicelaptop preferredand a broadband internet connection to be a successful student.