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IU Fort Wayne has been approved to develop an official mascot for our campus!  As we continue to expand on our rich history within the Fort Wayne community, we believe a mascot will help build engagement, campus and community spirit, and comradery; in addition to representing IU Fort Wayne an at array of on- and off-campus events.

This winter, community members were asked submit campus mascot ideas for consideration. The campus had more than 250 submissions and have narrowed down the search to the four most popular options: Red Foxes, River Otters, Summiteers and Saint Bernards

The mascot search committee is currently in the process of tallying the votes. We will announce the official mascot this Spring!


Mascot Options

Red Foxes

The red fox is a native animal to the Midwest and is a symbol of intelligence and cunning. The Red Fox would continue the trend of other IU regional campuses playing tribute to IU iconic red color: IU Northwest Red Hawks and IU East Red Wolves. 

River Otters

Fort Wayne was established because of its strategic location at the convergence of the the three rivers - the Saint Mary's, the Saint Joseph and the Maumee Rivers. The river otter is found in many bodies of water throughout most of Indiana. 


The Summiteers supports the nickname of Fort Wayne as the Summit City. In the 1830s the Wabash and Erie Canal was constructed and greatly improved travel conditions to the Great Lakes and Mississippi River. This famous canal earned Fort Wayne as the "Summit City" because it was the highest point above sea level along the entire canal route. 

Saint Bernard

Viewed as a health rescue dog, the Saint Bernard would play off of IU Fort Wayne's mission to provide outstanding health professionals in Indiana and beyond. Our students, alumni, faculty and staff have dedicated their careers towards helping others in need just like how a Saint Bernard provides comfort and safety to those in need.


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