Degree Requirements

Core communications
  • ENGL 13100 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry I
  • COM 11400 Fundamentals of Speech Communications
Analytical reasoning: math (choose one course)
  • MA 15300 College Algebra
  • MA 21300 Finite Mathematics I
Analytical reasoning: analytical (choose one course)
  • CS 11200 Survey of Computer Science
  •  NURS H355 Data Analysis for Practice and Research
  • PSY 20100 Intro to Stats in Psychology 
  • STAT 30100 Elementary Statistical Methods I
Life and physical sciences
  • BIOL 20300 Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • BIOL 20400 Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • CHM 10400 Living Chemistry
Cultural understanding (choose one course)
  • ANTH 10501 Culture & Society
  • NURS B290 Transcultural Health Within a Global Context
  • MUSC 10500 Traditions in World Music
  • REL 11200 Religion & Culture
  • SPAN 11101 Elementary Spanish I
Arts and humanities (choose one course)
  • AD 10101 Art Appreciation
  • ENGL 20201 Literary Interpretation
  • MUSC 10101 Music for the Listener
  • MUSC 20103 History of Rock and Roll Music
  • PHIL 11000 Into to Philosophy
Social sciences (choose two of the following courses)
  • COM 21200 Interpersonal Communications (recommended)
  • PSY 12000 Elementary Psychology
  • SOC 16101 Principles of Sociology

  • RADX-R 105 Orientation to Radiography/Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 106 Fundamentals of Patient Care in Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 111 Radiography I with Lab
  • RADX-R 270 Radiologic Physics
  • RADX-R 185 Medical Terminology
  • RADX-R 190 Introduction to Clinical Education
  • RADX-R 211 Radiography II with Lab
  • RADX-R 215 Medical Imaging Modalities
  • RADX-R 271 Foundations of Image Acquisition
  • RADX-R 191 Medical Imaging Clinical Education I
  • RADX-R 192 Medical Imaging Clinical Education II
  • RADX-R 255 Radiation Biology/ Protection in Radiography
  • RADX-R 306 Radiographic Pathology
  • RADX-R 371 Advanced Image Acquisition
  • RADX-R 291 Medical Imaging Clinical Education III
  • RADX-R 304 Medical Imaging Anatomy
  • RADX-R 307 Pharmacology for Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 320 Professional Development in Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 450 Quality Management in Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 292 Medical Imaging Clinical Education IV
  • RADX-R 293 Medical Imaging Clinical Education V
  • RADX-R 305 Radiographic Image Critique
  • RADX-R 315 Exploration of Imaging Modalities
  • RADX-R 401 Legal Issues in Imaging
  • RADX-R 410 Imaging Informatics and Acquisition Technology
  • RADX-R 391 Medical Imaging Clinical Education VI
  • RADX-R 310 Seminar in Radiography
  • RADX-R 400 Leadership in Medical Imaging
  • RADX-R 481 Medical Imaging Internship/Capstone

Course description can be found in the 2019-2020 bulletin.

General Education Prerequisite Coursework

Transfer credits will be accepted for courses equivalent to General Education Prerequisite courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities in which the student has earned a C- or higher. Equivalents to application requirements will be evaluated on an individual basis upon petition from an applicant.

Professional Education Coursework

Requests for transfer credits for professional radiography courses will be reviewed by the medical imaging faculty on an individual basis. A request for such transfer credit does not guarantee approval of credit.

Students who have completed an A.S. degree or diploma from an accredited program and currently hold ARRT certification are eligible to complete the BSMI. Transfer credits will be reviewed on an individual basis. Please contact us to make an appointment for transcript evaluation.

Academic advising

As a medical imaging student at IU Fort Wayne, you'll work closely with your academic advisor to select and register for classes that will apply toward your degree program. You and your advisor will track your progress to ensure you are on the right track to graduate on time.

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