Mission, Vision, & Values

A commitment to advancing health

Our mission: The Indiana University School of Nursing prepares outstanding nurses to be clinicians, educators, leaders, innovators, and scientists. We partner with students, health care professionals, organizations, and communities to inspire lifelong learning and create knowledge to improve the health of the people we serve.

Our vision: The Indiana University School of Nursing is a global leader in creating innovative learning environments that support excellence in education and research to advance the health of the world’s citizens.


We create a positive environment by treating all people with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of their contributions and diversity.


We accept responsibility for our actions.


We foster trust by acting with honesty, integrity, and openness.


We build community through dialogue by sharing and respecting our diversity of opinions, views, and expertise.

Our diversity statement

Recognizing the rapidly increasing diversity of America and of higher education, and in support of the mission of Indiana University School of Nursing, faculty and staff are committed to promoting an educational environment that values, respects, and reflects a global view of diversity.