21st Century Scholars

Your 21st Century Scholarship

Your 21st Century Scholarship provides you with an outstanding resource for your college education, but maintaining that award comes with its own requirements. As a college student, you are starting your adult life. You choose your own classes and plan your own schedule. You’re in complete control. The outcomes are up to you. 

*SAP usually includes a minimum grade point average (GPA) per semester, as well as a limit on incompletes and withdrawals from courses. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for questions about SAP.

**This activity must be logged into the ScholarTrack system each year. 

Banded Tuition and Your Scholarship

A few important things to remember about banded tuition and your 21st Century Scholarship include:

  • Scholars must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
  • Scholars can maximize their scholarships by taking at least 15 credit hours and up to 18 when it makes sense.
  • Scholarships provide funding for up to 18 credit hours per semester or 36 credits a year for combined fall and spring semesters.