How to appeal a decision that affects your financial aid

There are several reasons you might want to file an appeal:

  • If you’ve had a big change in income since you filed your FAFSA
  • If you can document expenses greater than your estimated cost of attendance
  • If you’re classified as a dependent on your FAFSA but you feel you should be classified as independent
  • If we determine you are not making satisfactory academic progress
  • If you are seeking financial aid while taking preparatory coursework to gain admission to a program

If you choose to file an appeal for any of these reasons, please do so at least 30 days before the end of the term. You should receive a decision within 15 business days after you submit your appeal, though it may take longer during busy times of the year.

Each type of appeal requires a different form. Read the form carefully and be sure to submit all signatures, explanations, and documentation required.


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