Name, Birth Date, & SSN

Update your name, date of birth, or Social Security number

We make it easy to keep the most basic information abut you up to date.

Change your name

We maintain three different names for you:

  • Primary. This is your legal name according to the federal government and the state of Indiana. It’s on your academic record, transcripts, and your diploma (unless you’ve indicated a degree name).
  • Preferred. You can change this to a nickname or shortened version of your name (e.g., Cindy instead of Cynthia). It’s used in learning management systems such as Canvas, class and grade rosters, and on your student ID card.
  • Degree. This is used on your diploma only. You can request a variation of your legal name for your diploma (e.g., your middle initial rather than your full middle name).

Fix an error in your birth date

If we have your birth date incorrect, please use our secure contact form to upload an image of your birth certificate, state driver’s license, or passport. Changes generally occur within a day after we receive your request, and will appear on your official academic record.

Update your Social Security number

Is your Social Security number (SSN) missing or incorrect? You can add or update it in the SSN/educational tax credit verification area of One.IU.

If you’re unable to change your SSN, please submit a scan or photo of your Social Security card through our secure contact form.

Learn how to update your other personal information

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