Late Drop/Add

Dropping or adding classes after the first week of the semester

The late drop/add period starts after the first week of classes and lasts through the automatic withdrawal (automatic W) period. To make a change to your enrollment, you'll need to complete a Drop/Add form—available from your academic advisor or at Student Central (Neff Hall Room 110).

If a certain enrollment status (e.g., full- or part-time) is required for reasons such as visa status or to receive VA benefits, make sure you know how a drop might affect your eligibility.

Know how your student account will be affected

Additional tuition charges may apply when you change your schedule. Be sure to talk to the Office of Student Financial Services and the Office of the Bursar to understand any effects on your financial aid or fees.

Dropping classes that put you below 12 credit hours or adding classes that put you above 18 credit hours can have a major effect on the amount you pay for the semester.

In extenuating circumstances, you may wish to pursue a tuition dispute. Contact the Office of the Bursar for more details.

Explore refunds and tuition disputes