How to Keep Your Grants & Loans

Once you have your aid, be sure to keep it

Enrollment in all previous terms, including those in which you withdrew completely from classes, determines whether or not you receive your financial aid. Make sure you’re doing all the right things so you don’t lose any funding, and be aware of what happens if you need to repeat a course.

Maintain required enrollment status

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you must be enrolled at least half time during any semester in which you receive financial aid:

  • Undergraduate half time: six credit hours
  • Graduate half time: four credit hours

Some grants require that you maintain full-time status. In those cases, you must be enrolled in at least:

  • Undergraduate full time: twelve credit hours
  • Graduate full time: eight credit hours

Any change to your enrollment may result in a change to your financial aid eligibility. This includes:

  • Decreases in enrolled credit hours
  • Nonattendance in a class or unofficial withdrawal
  • Official withdrawal

If any of these occur, you may be asked to return money you’ve already received, and may not receive money you’re expecting.

Make satisfactory academic progress

We review your academic progress at least once a year. It’s determined by your enrollment in all previous terms (including those in which you withdrew completely from classes), whether or not you received financial aid.

If you are a nondegree student who is eligible for financial aid, you are expected to meet the same standards as an undergraduate student in order to keep your aid.

You must meet the following requirements to make satisfactory academic progress:

  • Program Grade Point Average (GPA)

    You must maintain a cumulative program GPA of at least the minimum required by your academic program. Transfer hours from outside of the IU system do not count toward the program GPA. 

  • Successfully complete your coursework

    In order to make satisfactory academic progress, you have to successfully complete no less than 67 percent of your total attempted courses. If you received a grade of W, F, FX, or I in a course, you did not successfully complete that course.

    Transfer credit hours are calculated as hours successfully completed.

  • Complete your degree with a certain number of credit hours

    You must complete your degree in no more than the following number of enrolled credit hours:

    • Bachelor’s: 120 credit hours
    • Master’s: 60 credit hours

We’ll notify you if you’re making unsatisfactory academic progress. You can also check One.IU to see your status. If you’ve been flagged as making unsatisfactory progress, you can file an academic progress appeal.